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west end thoughts


city bodies, such busy bodies in small spaces
silly hotties do skinny pilates and brave faces
to many others yes many others reside here
got 40 flats in the building likely we all fear
im separated by bricks steel and windows clear
im separated by stimulation of all that appears
shes separated by the thoughts that exist in her mind
such preparation for events only existing in time

pierce the veil leave the trail for the ones that look to know
there aint no else but the now somewhere you can go
at any time if you feel the pull of egoic mind on any sign you can see the colours or read the lines
know that your uncovered skin is what best that you look in
know that the concept of sin is in your chest to determine
know that the bleeding within needs no thought to stay perfect
think that youre most beautiful when you look shocked that you heard it

i got a lust for most of all right when my name gets called
think I could run right through a wall to see my work at all published
in your ears or in your eyes hope it pulls of your disguise and if youre
not wearing what was told for you to wear girl youre already there

aint no telling from the urn so ill put it in words
the magic of living upon of the side of the turns
i get a lot of pleasure from seeing none of it measure, feel the internal treasure playing the game for the leisure
Ive seen the plays of the ones living lavish and boastful
slowly hating myself when I look at the photos
might miss the dreams of my own if im only comparin
never own a le baron if i bought a mclaren

and i been shaking my own no not nearly enough
lessen the stock how they judge tired of wearing the cuffs
cause truly to shine aint no time to be spared
gotta fuel your own by yourself be dared
put the truth in how you live and wear it on your shape
cause the earth did spend some time getting your shit straight
you are a bird you are a king you are a billion things
so dont be sitting by the cell just praying that it rings
your capacity to like is thicked than a thumb
and you can cum in time with someone you be touching cums
trust the plums up on the branch over the plastic sack
and a gift unto yourself simply comes by giving back


from naychur, released November 12, 2016
sean keough, casey



all rights reserved


sean keough Port Alberni, British Columbia

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